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10 Most Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions in Dubai

10 Washing Machine Problems and Solutions in Dubai

Washing machines are the necessity of every household. It is a valuable and modern home appliance. The washing machines might not be glamorous but they are incredibly useful and we use it on regular basis. In fact, you often notice that how the washing machine in running condition useful. You have to repair as soon as possible after all you need neat and clean cloth to wear. If you need washing machine repair services then RightFixers offer same-day best washing machine repair Dubai at the discounted price. Call now at 971569969931 or fill the booking form and fix the visit schedule at your premises.

Washing machines are reliable and durable machines but the washing machine can stop working due to any fault. After all the washing machines are like pieces of technology and they’re not immune to any minor and major issues.

In addition to this with the help of Dewa UAE Government Water appliances Guidelines, you can operate your washing machine at the maximum capacity and safe washing machine from any poteitnal issues and can run washer for long time.

Here is the fix washing machine problems in Dubai helpful guide that might be enabled you to fix issues before they develop into more serious washing machine problems. So, without further ado let’s 10 most common washing machine repair Marina Problems to watch out for!

1 - Washing Machine Bounces Around

Most washing machines vibrate or bouncing suddenly, in this situation you do not need to panic just relax. It is common issues which you can handle easily. The
washing machine bounce around could be because of un-level ground. Just maintain the level of machine and it will stop vibrating or bounces to some degree. How simple is that which you can solve easily.

If you want to more detail information about how to stop a washing machine from bouncing or vibrating, you can read our blog post vibrating washing machine causes and solutions.

2 - Washing Machine is Noisy

Washing machine is a mechanical device and obviously it makes a noise while running but if you notice a sudden increase in sound then there will be underlying potential causes that need to address as soon as possible. Most often the noise is due to some piece of debris such as coins that come out from cloths pockets. These coins have been accidentally placed in the washing machine and crease heavy noise.

If there is no any debris then there will be problem in drum and something has got caught in the drum. You need to remove paddles and look around to check the drum and remove the whatever things got caught in the drum.

For fix the loud washing machine check out the why my washing machine is very noisy?

3 - Washing Machine is Getting Ripped Clothes

No one wants to experience such type of situation where your cloths are getting damaged during a washing machine cycle. But if face this kind of situation then you do not panic because a little bit knowledge you can fix this problem. In most cases anything such as coins, pen pieces, zips, button and middles getting caught in the drum and washing machine starts to tearing the cloths. So, check out carefully and see if there are any foreign object found then remove it and the problem solve.

For more information about the washing machine is getting ripped cloths visit our why is my sashing machine ruining my cloths today.

4 - Washing Machine is Slow Draining

When your washing machine starts to drain water slowly and you have to left over water from the washer after the cycle then it might be not a challenging as it looks. You just need to check the filter and see it there is any blockage in filter pipelines. There is dirt or grimes that are built up in the filter line. With the regular checking you can maintain the clearness in the filters pipe lines.

5 - My Washing Machine Won’t Spin

This is the serious problem when washing machine will not spin and it can be the sign of malfunctioning of motor problems. Some time it can also be simple and very easy to fix, to do you just need to readjust the load and trying again. You can also tight the washing machine belt then try. Mostly modern machines will only spin when they reach a certain weight.

For your guidance we have separate article that describe all reasons of washing machine is not spinning. Learn how to fix washing machine with these easy tips – why my washer is not spinning.

6 - Washing Machine is Not Filling Water

Sometime washing machine is not filling with water there will be certainly reasons that you can handle easy. The common reason for this problem is the blocked and damage in the inlet water. Simply just check to make sure any problem in washing machine in kinked hose or inlet pipe. Just clean the pipe line and washer will start filling.

If you face the washing machine is not filling with water either hot or cold water, here are some useful tips for why is my washer not filling with water.

7 - Washing Machine Door Won’t Open

In the modern washing machine the doors are mostly airtight so when you have faced such problem you do not need to panic. Thankfully fixing this problem is very simple just drain all washing machine water from drum and then try to open the door. Make sure you have removed all the water. You also need to check the filter and drain pipe and clean it and make sure not any blocked in line.

If you know more about the washing machine’s door is not opening read our my washing machine door is not opening.

8 - Washing Machine is Smelly

 The washing machine smelly issue might not seem like a serious issues but the smelly washer create dark dots on the cleaning cloths. It defeats the whole purpose of cloths cleaning. Fortunately, you can solve this problem easily just change the cold washer and liquid detergents that are creating bad smell.

When we add detergent in the hot weather the process of build-up of bacteria and grime started and finally it create bad smell. You just need to change your washing habits either use the normal water with detergent or simply use the hot weather without any detergent. If you want to know more about how to clean a smelly washing machine and keep if free from any bade odors.

9 - Washing Machine is Not Turning On

Sometime washing machine is not turning on or can be suddenly stops working then you do not need to worry about it. It might be easy to fix this issue. Check out washer power plug and ensure cables are connected in switch. Also checks fuse if there is any fault in fuse then change it. If you want to know most common electricity problems read 10 Most Common Dubai Electricity Problems in Home.

Sometime the machine is over heated due to the access usage just give time to your washing machine to cool down. After some time turn on the washer it will work.

For more information about how to troubleshoot a washing machine read post my washer is not turning on.

10 - Washing Machine will not Drain

Another common problem in washing machine that you can face is washer drain blocked. You can fix it easily. In mostly cases this problem is caused by a blocked drain hose. You will have to put the machine out clean the hose and then pour the water away. This can be messy work but you can do this job easily and make sure that the no blockage in the pipe line and filter as well.

If you want to know more about washing machine trouble shoot on how to get your washer to drain again real my washing machine is not draining water.

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