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10 Most Common Dubai Electricity Problems in Home

We need electricity 24 hours a day and it is available everywhere. It is crucial to give power to everything that we use in our daily lives. We’ve covered a long way from where electricity was a commodity that is available for few places. A limited class of people can enjoy it. Now it is need of every citizen and its prices are increasing day by day. There are still several Dubai Electricity problems that are associated with the electricity and we are facing these electrical problems in our daily life. To resolve these electricity issues we have to contact experience and qualified electric repair shop near me Dubai.

What are these common problems? You need to consider these prominent electricity problems. Now in this post we are going to discuss the 10 most common electricity problems in Dubai home.

1 - Lights are not quite right

One of the most common electrical problems that we have experienced in our working and living places in Dubai is the battle with your light bulbs. Sometimes it happens that whatever we try the lights in our home are not perfect.

1 - Sometimes the light bulb may be too bright or too dim. This is due to the non-consistency in wattage across the home. This can also be due to a neutral connection in your electrical underground or open wiring.

2 - They may flicker and it is a sign of faulty wiring in the home. This type of fault has the potential to be dangerous and this should be fixed by hiring quailed and emergency electrician near me in Dubai as soon as possible.

3 - Another common reason is lights burn out frequently. The causes of these issues are many and one may include your bought a bad pack of bulbs. The wattage may be too high suddenly and bad wiring on the main circuit.

2 - Frequent Electricity Surges

The power supply can be discontinued due to all different sorts of factors which you can include winter storms, something with the power company or even fault in the main supply line or damage to the supply lines. These are the common electrical failure problems that are not in your control. You can face a shortage in power supply or even lights to go off or your TV to switch on and off quickly. But if you face shutdown in electricity without lightning then you may have to find your internal wiring. Sometimes noncertified and untrained electricians can cause surges. It is recommended always hire a trained, experienced and licensed electrician that help you out in this situation completely.

3 - Overloaded Circuits

If you have a lot of electrical appliances and you have to run all these at the same time, then overloaded can cause a disruption in power supply. Plugging your TV, DVD, Xbox, room coolers, and sound bare in one single outlet is not a good idea. This happens when the your exceeds your load limit and the good thing is you can handle this situation easily. Just shout download the extra electrical appliances and on your breaker.

4 - Sags and Dips in Power Supply

The power sags and sudden dips are also main reason of power surge and it is occurred due to the drop in electricity voltage drops. This surges and dips do not cause the complete break-down of electricity but the lights may dim for few second. This usually happened to the low quality wiring are used and you have a faulty small appliances plugged in. Sometime when you run all your appliances at the same time and put all load and this become the cause of voltage dropped.

5 - Electrical Shocks

For the new homes this is not common electricity problem but in old home where the older electrical systems works and the chances of electrical shocks are high. The poor insulation, faulty underground wiring, overloaded circuit breaker and non-grounded wiring in older homes are the main causes of electrical shocks.

We suggest you to change your overloaded circuit breaker, insulate the uncover wiring joints, and grounded wiring and you may change the plug of appliances, all these tips will help you to save from electrical shocks. If the problem still prevails then contact licensed electrician near me Dubai and get the job done perfectly.

6 - High Electrical Bills 

 No one like to pay high electrical bills and none of us want to see it every month. Having to pay excessive amount of electricity bill is really challenging. We need to find it causes. Here are some common reasons that your bill may be higher than necessary.

1 - You need to trace out the electricity appliances that may be causing electrical surges.

2 - Change the old appliances that are not energy efficient.

3 - Always use copper wire made electrical appliances.

4 - Change or upgrade any faulty wiring

7 - Breakers Trip Frequently

Here’s is the another common case and that is breaker tripping frequently. It is something that you do not want to see it again and again. However it is actually a good thing that saves you from big loss. If you breaker trips often that is the sign there is a big electrical problem. Shut down some appliances at see it that helps. If breaker is still tripping frequently then call emergency electrician near me Dubai.  

8 - Over circuited Electrical Panel

This can be more dangerous as compared to above mentioned overloaded circuit. The point that is need to consider is that your electrical wiring and panel were designed to accommodate a certain number of electrical circuits. You have knowledge to know how many switches are currently working on panel. If you have too many appliances connected to the panel then you can solve this problem. Should down all the extra appliances and the problem will be fixed.

9 - Light Switches not working

Sometime light switches are not turning your lights on all the way, this is the problem. This is a sign that the electrical wiring and work in your home was not done properly. It can also means that the electrical equipment and appliances are used are not the best quality. These are sub-standard and do not maintain the best standard of quality. If you purchase a new home and switch does not seem to do anything it may be that it is not working. If you face this issue just call RightFixers Electrical Services Dubai.

10 - Uncovered Junction Box

The electrical junction box is the mother box of all your home electricity. It contains a lot of wires. These wires are important and also have the potential to create dangers. If your electricity junction box or main board does not have a cover, which it should be, it can be a hazard. No doubt this is the clear violation of Electricity Dubai standard codes. If you want to know more about to fix the junction box call the electrical repair shop near me Dubai

Hire Electrical Repairing Shop Near Me to Fix Common Dubai Electricity Problems

This blog was a bit longer, but we are quite confident it will greatly assist you to identifying Dubai Electricity problems that you may face in your home. These are the common electricity problems in Dubai homes and can be easily fixed by simple daily adjustments or you can hire RightFixers or Mehmood Yousaf electrical repair shop near me.

We would like to tell you that we have more than 13 years of electrical services experience in Dubai. We have a qualified team of skilled and residential, commercial and industrial electricians near me in Dubai who are dedicated to providing the best electrical services for all your electrical requirements.

We’re happy to visit your premises free of cost and do a complete home electrical inspection where our qualified and licensed electricians trace out these common electrical problems and fix them quickly. Just call 569969931 and fix your home visit free of cost.

You can also fill out the RightFixers booking form and schedule free visit right now.
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