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5 Ways to AVOID Hiring a Shady Handyman

As per homeowners' bad experience feedback from supposed home maintenance company professionals. It’s particularly different scenarios we hear with the passage of time such as “He told me that you have to pay the full payment before starting the job and I trusted him.” Or maybe “Someone recommended this handyman professional on Facebook so I thought he would be the right choice for my AC Repair and the price will be affordable.” And furthermore, they experienced and qualified handyman technical came out and completed the job, but then we have big issues with some of its services. we are quite confident that the 5 ways shared in this article will surely help you and your family avoid a similar situation.

Check Licensed and Insured? 

First, of do, this step is one of the easiest steps to verify but most customers do not bother to do a license check. If you are going to hire an individual handyman near me or a Maintenance Company in Dubai for the first time you should not blindly trust their word for it. It can raise the risk when some major incident happens on your property. It will be too late to cover up this loss. We offer all types of handymans services such as AC services, electrical services in Dubai, plumbing services, wall partition in dubai, wall paper fixing, masnary services in Dubai etc.  Think it won’t happen to you? Think again you can avoid this. Even the smallest home repair services can cause major injury or damage. So how do you check this? First, check the home handyman services license. This is easiest and simplest just Google Dubai licensed contractors and check his name. Dubai has a website here dedicated to the verification of contractor licenses. 

This is extremely important. Mostly shady contractors say that they are authorized and certified maintenance companies in Dubai because they have a county business license and they can work in all the regions. This is not a license to perform any kind of small or big home maintenance work. So you should be careful in this regard and double check the handyman service provider license before handover the project.

Is the price reasonable?

Reasonable does NOT mean cheap price. For quick understanding, you need to think this way if someone listed a brand-new Mercedes for just $10,000, how you should react? Should you run out and buy it immediately or you must ask questions about its legitimacy? Most people would not satisfy this price and assume something wrong with the car. Right? The same rules apply to handyman services at a reasonable price. You must get the quotation of jobs from three different service providers and choose the best price of handyman services in Dubai that you can afford easily.

Do they claim to be able to do everything?

No doubt some home maintenance service providers are very talented, but there are very few who have the skills and knowledge to perform every task. Most owners assume that handymen in Dubai can perform all jobs perfectly such as the talented technician can trace out the fault and fix the plumbing issues at the same time. This is not a good approach I will not hand over both tasks to the same expert. A good handyman will typically have a variety of skill sets but not everything. A good Handyman Dubai company hire a team of all services experts like AC repair expert, electrical service provider, plumber, interior fit-out service provider, etc. The professional and the best handyman services in Dubai like RightFixers hire the right man for the right job. You just need to find such kind of company and hand over the handyman job tasks with confidence.

Do your due diligence?

The final way is to do some repair or remodel research that you are wanting to do perfectly. Look at the top listed maintenance company in Dubai such as Mehmood Yoursaf Technical Services LLC Dubai offering their services with RightFixers.com. Check out the techniques, tools, and methods are they using to find out the faults and fix them as per SOP. Visit the different Facebook Handyman Dubai groups and participate in the group and get overall knowledge about your job. Talk to the Facebook handyman group experts and get the right tips techniques, methods, and tools to perform the job satisfactorily. This surely helps you to hire the best handyman expert at the best price.

5. How do you price your work?

The most important part of the handyman services is that you should be clear before starting the work. Some handymen charge by the hour and others work on per project basis. You should know how they charge you. Whether you will pay the technician on an hourly basis or you have hired him on a project basis. The purpose makes sure that you are being charged a fair amount of work. The knowledge of this information in addition to different price quotes offered by different handyman services providers in Dubai also helps you to compare these quickly.
Off course there is not a single reason to compromise on an unreliable handyman. We’ve seen countless customers burned by unskilled and dishonest handyman service provider contractors. You have to be vigilant and follow these 5- ways to avoid hiring shady Handyman Dubai. In our experience, reliable and trusted contractors and handymen are those who always come with a large portfolio of satisfied customers and excellent references. Of course, focusing on all these five main points are time-consuming activity. That’s why it pays to RightFixers handyman services Dubai Marina  to do the work for you.

At RightFixers.com we have a team of professional and certified local handyman experts who can handle all of your small, medium and large size jobs. We offer the best handyman services in Dubai along with quality workmanship, customer service, and competitive pricing. So take the right handyman service provider and do not get burned. Turn to RightFixers for all your commercial and home handyman services needs in Dubai and all over the UAE.
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