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5- Key Components to Upgrade Your AC Unit

In this summer season do you plan to upgrade your air conditioner in Dubai? As the new summer season is rolling around, many shopkeepers, commercial property owners, and homeowners are contemplating whether they need to buy new brand new, and stronger AC systems or hold the old and less efficient air conditioning till the next summer. The older unit demands more AC service in Dubai as compared to the new one. With the rapid advancement in technology, modern AC units offer more features and energy efficient than your older Air conditioners. If you have older units that are consuming more electricity and do not efficient then the wise decision is to change your AC units as soon as possible. After installing the new AC units in your office, home, villa, apartment, or even in your commercial shop, soon you will realize the advantages of your investment as the fresh, clean, and cold air starts flowing into your working and living areas after setting your AC to 24°C.
Nowadays, there is a long range of air conditioning units available in different cooling capacities, sizes, shapes, and types in the market. The more variety along with different technical specifications of units makes more complicated the buying of AC units more. You must learn some key components while upgrading your AC unit which will assist you to make the best deal to upgrade your Air conditioning. The following necessary 5-key components help you to upgrade your AC unit nicely.

1. Type of AC Units

First, you’ll need to consider which type of AC unit can fulfill your air conditioning requirement. Among the most popular choices are the ductless unit and central AC system. The remaining common choices which you can include a window AC unit, portable AC, and a heat pump.

A. Central AC Units

The central AC unit is the popular choice in the market and provides an instant way to cool the office and living room. This central air conditioning system is designed to air condition all the rooms in your office or home. It is often the most cost-effective and efficient air conditioning solution in the long run. For central AC units you have two choices first is a split system and 2nd is a packaged unit.

B.Ductless AC Units

The 2nd popular AC unit type is ductless AC units. This type of Air conditioning unit does not use ductwork to distribute the cool air. This unit perfect idea, if you live or work in an older office or home. These units are designed mounted on the wall or the gypsum false ceiling. The ductless AC unit will cool the working or living area in which they are installed.

C.Other AC Units

The 3rd main types of air conditioning are also available as heat pumps, which are AC units that function as both heaters and air conditioners. These types of AC units can be used for both heating and cooling as required throughout the year. This HVAC equipment is perfect and an excellent choice in milder climates. You also have the option in the form of a portable air conditioner, which you can move from one room to another room. This portable AC unit uses a window vent kit to discharge the overheat. This unit is perfectly designed to air condition a single room. You can fit this window AC into your window frame in your home or office place.

2. Cooling Requirements

When upgrading your Air Conditioner or AC unit, the most important thing need to consider is the unit's cooling capabilities. Due to innovation and technology updation, it isn’t a good idea to determine your cooling power needs based on your old air conditions. Instead, you need to factor in the number of windows in your home along with the size of your house or working space other factors also need to consider such as the amount of shade in your home and the room orientation.

Purchasing an oversized unit is not a solution. It may lead to unpleasantly strong, more blasts of air, resulting in a humid home. When you buy an oversized unit you may experience starting and stopping the air conditioning unit frequently. Which raises the need for air conditioner repair services? Similarly, in the other case if you purchase an undersized unit it's also not suitable and increases different issues such as your premises not cooling properly, and you will waste energy. The constantly run of the AC unit impacts negatively the performance of the unit and finally its lifespan with being shorter.

Choosing the right cooling capacity air conditioner unit is necessary. It will save you hard-earned money and energy. You save on AC unit purchases by getting only what you are looking for. Plus, you save more money on maintenance and installation costs. As the big unit covers more space and its maintenance cost are high than the small unit. To determine which AC units you should replace, contact an experienced and qualified technician for more insights.

3. Energy-Efficiency Ratio

Modern air conditions offer more features as compared to older models. They are more energy efficient rather than older technology AC units. As a result, why you should not get benefits from the modern and energy-efficient unit while upgrading your AC unit? However, the more useful point that needs to understand is the energy efficiency ratings that ensure you save on your rising and expensive utility bills.

You should know the SEER which stands for higher the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, the greater your energy ratio will save money. All modern AC units require a minimum 13 SEER rating but mostly the ratings go as high as 25.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Compatibility Issues

The AC unit consists of two main parts one is an indoor unit and the other is an outdoor one. When one part such as the outdoor part is not working you obviously replace the malfunctioning unit to save money. However, keep in mind both units indoor and outdoor make up the entire AC unit that should be compatible with each other. If you make a plan to replace the only outdoor unit, the risk of having incompatible cooling efficiency ratings and a shortage of refrigerant will be high. Resultantly, the newly bought outdoor unit might not work properly.

If you want to replace certain parts of your ac system then it is recommended to get a recommendation from an Air conditioning expert and then make your purchase. However, by adding more money you can upgrade your whole AC system and remove this risk, as well as increase the life of the outdoor unit and indoor unit and feel better.

5. Cleaning and Replacement of AC Filters

Finally, the air filter is an important part of the indoor cooling unit that plays a significant role in the AC unit's efficiency. There are different choices that you can consider, first determine whether your new unit comes with disposable filters which obviously you can replace after some time, or for the latter option, make sure you clean the air filter properly to ensure perfect airflow, smoother and fresher. For cleaning or replacement of AC filters, you can get the help of AC technicians which you can hire from an office and home handyman services Dubai Marina. Hope these five most important points or tips help you to timely upgrade your Air conditioner for your office or home.
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