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10 Handyman Services in Dubai

If you are the owner of the home and also living in the same home, you very well know that the list of handyman services is ever-growing and changing. Unless you’re going to fix all your appliance issues and spend your extra time, you feel that these tasks will not be completed rightly and will never get done properly.
But that’s where RightFixers handyman services Dubai come in. The experience and qualified handyman dubai marina professionals are available and only one call away to you.
Check out a list of 10 jobs RightFixers handyman dubai marina services can accomplish for you.

1. Wall Partition

The wall partition is a divider that you can use to separate spaces in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. The wall partition is most commonly used as an office to create separate offices or meeting rooms. Glass, metal, bricks, and plastic are used to make partitions in offices, homes, warehouses, and retail shops. The partition of walls can be purpose designed to incorporate doors, windows, or openings and is a perfect solution for modern interiors.
Rightfixers is a leading and trusted partition wall design and installation company in Dubai. Contact us for a free instant wall partition quote or call us for any inquiries about professional glass and solid wall partitions for homes and offices.

2. Wall Painting Service

While fixing your drywall issues you might need to add a new coat of paint on top. Hiring the services of experienced and qualified technicians to perfectly handle your painting jobs is a wise decision. Qualified and experienced painters can do the job in a much quicker way. That means the qualified technicians use the right and fewer materials which saves you money and time after all.

For most home improvement projects, where skills and knowledge are required to professionals complete the job, it is better to hire the services of professionals.
The home maintenance company staff will be able to get crisp lines and even color throughout your whole project. The most important part is you just relax and check out the fresh coat of paint on your property.

3. Floor Tiles Fittings

Replacing a whole floor is time consuming and expensive project that you can avoid with simple floor repair. With the passage of time, the living or working floors become dull and sometimes broken from different corners. The broken floor tiles demand quick attention.

To replace and improve the floor areas you need to hire floor tile fixing and replacement experts. They have skills, knowledge, and experience and fix the problem areas nicely. Finally, flooring improvements were done nicely.

If the project is too big for the handyman, they will also recommend more specialized professionals to complete the flooring improvements at a reasonable price.

4. Wall Paper Fixing Services

Wallpaper fixing services will change the entire look of your living and working areas. This service will make your areas more stylish, attractive, beautiful, and contemporary. You feel more comfortable in your house or office space. Moreover, the wallpaper fixing services will reduce the risk of damaging walls and leave a great impression on guests or valued customers.

No doubt the installation of colorful and stylish wallpaper is a tricky job and it should be done by experienced and qualified wallpaper-fixing experts. Always choose a trained and skilled wallpaper services provider like RightFixers for your next home and office renovation. We have a team of experienced and qualified wallpaper-fixing experts that know how to fix everything without causing any damage.

We are a certified company that offers reliable and affordable wallpaper-fixing installation, and removal services for homes and offices. Our experts have years of experience in wallpaper fixing services for residential and commercial areas. For installation, fixing and removal of all types of wallpapers hire our experienced and trusted wallpaper fixing services at your doorstep right now.

5. Masonry Services

Masonry is the art of construction using brick, stone, and brick with concrete. The masonry services have a long history for a variety of structures. There are varieties of constructions from the most ancient buildings to modern homes. To design and construct a beautiful and durable building the masonry professionals are always ready to complete the project on time all time.

Masonry is a complex and time-consuming process that demands a high level of expertise and investment to complete the task successfully. If you are looking for a professional masonry service provider that can guarantee you durable and reliable masonry services in the UAE, then stop searching and get the free price quote of RightFixers masonry services right now.
  1. Plumber Services

There are not several things more important than leaking plumbing fixtures. From the constant dripping water drops sound to mold and mildew is a big problem all around the world.

But tracing the leaking points and expertise to how to fix this problem is the real challenge. This job will be challenging and too much for you. But for RightFixers experience plumber is a routine matter.

Only experienced and qualified plumber knows what to look for and how to fix the leaking points. The leakage points include under sinks, toilets, washing machines showers, or refrigerators. The quicker fixing of these leakage means less lasting damage you’ll have.

7. Light Fixture Installation

Home improvement means making changes in the home place to improve it and fit the homeowner’s style better. The easiest, cheap, and quick way to make a dramatic impact at your place is to change out a light fixture.

The change of the light fixture will make the room brighter. Each room will need something unique and different to reach maximum brightness. So customizing the light fixtures and the bulbs in them is a good way to get the level of light your desire.

Most people change the light fixtures because they do not like the look of the current lighting. Yes, you can replace the old and dull light with a light fixture installation. Very easy to change and it will update the whole place.

There is a little bit of effort required to change out a light. Since the electrical work is involved so the wise option is to hire the best electric repair shop near me Dubai and change your light in no time.

In most cases, the outside of your house gets a little neglected. It’s easy to forget or put off the projects. But maintenance of the exterior part of the property is just as important as the interior part. It will increase the look and value of your property. The handyman will check the whole exterior property wall check siding, roofing shingles, light fixtures, gutters, and doors. During the inspection, if anything needs a little repair, they have the skills and tools to do the job nicely and quickly.

8. Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum board false ceilings are made from reliable and durable gypsum plasterboards. These boards are further screwed to a metal frame that is attached to the soffit. The gypsum sheets come in bigger sizes than POP sheets, there are fewer joints. A joining mixture compound is used to make the joints stronger. The installation of a gypsum false ceiling is convenient, cleaner, and quicker. The gypsum sheet installation comes with a safer process because less waste and dust are produced during installation. It is more durable than POP and the hydrophobic attributes of gypsum boards are one of the top reasons they are used for false ceilings.

RightFixers specializes in providing customized solutions for false ceiling services in Dubai for residences, offices, villas, flats, shops, restaurants, and more. Get a free price quote for your personalized gypsum false ceiling project right now. We guarantee you that our gypsum false ceiling expert serves you with the best and clean possible services at a reasonable price.


9. Carpentry Services

No doubt a fresh coat of paint can change the whole picture of home or office furniture. Still, nothing can add beauty, elegance, and warmth like custom carpentry services. Imagine transforming your living or working space with custom storage and a fireplace makeover can entirely change the look of the space. Now come to the kitchen and imagine how you can make your kitchen better with the new, custom-built countertops and cabinets. The RightFixers carpentry services can make that a reality with custom carpentry.

If more than one person living or working at a place, there will be some dents, holes, and dings in your drywall that need to fix as soon as possible. This is particularly true if any kids or teenagers are living there.

To fix the dents, and dings and repair the drywall repairs is not necessarily challenging but it demands some sort of specialized skills and knowledge. This can make affected more finesse and look brighter.

Fixing the all issues of office or home drywall is not more challenging, especially for RightFixer's experience and qualified handyman service companies this is a routine matter.
  1. AC Service

The HVAC system in your office or home is an important part of modern living, whether the weather is too cold or too hot you always need a perfect and operational Air conditioning or heating system.

The periodic check-ups and maintenance of the HVAC system are critical and make sure that the whole system is working perfectly throughout the whole summer or winter season. A handyman service company comes with expertise, experience, and tools to repair and service the HVAC system all the time. You can trust Handyman AC service Dubai repair and maintenance services with confidence.

The final thought is to hire the best handyman services who have all things to complete the job on time and nicely. If you need any kind of handyman services contact our Rightfixers expert today.
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